Friday, June 15, 2012

Rating those projects

1: Multiplane shoot and pixelation. This was my favorite project because it was a lot of fun to shoot. My group was great for this shoot and we had a lot of fun just playing around. Our video was incredibly random but I really think it worked out well.
2: Long-Take Shoot. While I was originally opposed to a long Friday class, when I got there that day it went well. The class worked well together to get all the assignments done on time. Our group shot second so it was cool to see what the other groups were working on.
3: Anaglyph shoot. This was a fun project to tackle. I really enjoyed learning how to add 3D effects to a short film. The shoot was also interesting. My group really came together and created an interesting piece based on the genres we received.
4: Rhythmic edit: This project was fun to shoot and edit. It was hard at first to create the segments but I really think my final edit turned out well.
5: Viral Video Shoot. I feel like this project was fun. I just didn't spend enough time on it because my idea came so late. I also didn't like how it was a solo project compared to all the other class projects. Still a fun assignments and here hoping my video goes viral.
6: Camera-less Filmmaking. This was a fun project but it pales in comparison to the rest of the class projects. It was cool to see how playing around with film strip could lead to awesome results. I just feel these make better art pieces than projected images.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blogging from the backseat (Ted Talks)

Both of the Ted Talks videos have helped me put the final project in prospective. At first I was terrified about what exactly I was going to do for this project. After watching these videos I now know what I need to do. The video on tribes was particularly enlightening. My goal over he next few days is to decide what I have passion on and think needs a change. With this knowledge I will be able to construct an idea for a video thy can hopefully go viral. I enjoyed Seth Godwin's discussion of how trends have changed for getting ones point across. The Internet is truly a great tool for connecting people. You can find any type of group on the web. With this ability to be connected finding equal minded people is now easier than ever. All one needs is a leader with an idea. I'm now stoked to get to work on this project. I have a few ideas about what I can do my video on. Over the next few days I am going to finalize my plans and figure out what to do.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My 3D glasses

are a moustache with a feather...


Long take review

When first hearing about the long take assignment being held on a Friday, I was initially upset. This meant that my trip home for the weekend would start and end later than anticipated. That being said, I enjoyed this assignment. I was a pleasure getting to work with a great group that was willing to accept and build on the ideas presented. During the planning stages we were able to get an idea and then use the objects found in the location (the cannon on Hoggard Lawn) to create an interesting shot. The day of the soot was also rather entertaining. Without having the authority of a teacher present the class was very talkative while still getting work done. It was refreshing to interact with the class in this manner. As the task manager for group one I also enjoyed getting to watch both of the first groups work on their shoots. I enjoyed getting to watch others being creative. When it came time for my group to shoot I feel we were prepared. We got out camera and blocked our action rehearsed a few times then shot. Afterwards we only had to wait a few minutes until we could develop and even ended up being able to leave early.

This will make sense later.

My only qualm with this project was the schedule. The first two groups having to develop and capture their film while we were shooting. Due to this, we had barely enough people and had to change some of our original plans. Other than that, I really enjoyed this project.

Life in the Theatre

As a dual film studies/technical theatre major, I found this article to be particularly intriguing. I think that there has to be some form of planning in the theatre (and film worlds). However, I also know the importance of spontaneity and experimentation in designing. My focus in the theatre is costume design and crafting, as such, I have had plenty of experience using the creative side of my brain. When doing designs I like to find inspirations from other designers or objects I see. These help me create the best designs. If I did not use these inspirations, I feel that my designs much like the synthetic music would come off as cold and inhuman. This article is helpful going into the anaglyph set making. This is a time for experimenting. I feel like this will be one of my favorite project from the class. I have dreams to work art department so this assignment interests me. I feel like the groups will need the mindset described in this article in order to create the best possibly anaglyph project.

Also here is a puppet I made:

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thoughts on Camera-less Filmmaking

I really enjoyed the camera-less filmmaking project. It was interesting to discover all the various ways to distress the film and paint on it. I liked to practice the various techniques and experiment with the film strip to create new looks. One thing that I enjoyed the most was the dye. It allowed for the most experimentation. It was fun to add oils, blow the dye, and use cotton balls to make my final product. Overall, I was really happy with how most of the project turned out. I regret that my animation did not look better. I thought it would look cool but watching it as the transfer to video happened it was barely noticeable. That is how I feel about a majority of this project. I feel like it sometimes looks cooler as a wall decoration than when projected. Still, I really enjoyed this project.

Sound and Images

I found the book chapter "Projectionist of Sound on Image" fascinating. As someone who is interested in sound design for films, I know the importance of the soundtrack in a film. This reading opened my mind up to many more possibilites. I knew that sound could make or break a scene. What I did not know, was that sound had the ability to give a series of still frames a sense of movement. I read the part about the opening doors in Star Wars and had to look it up. I liked how Chion phrased the abilities of sound and image. Sound has the ability to give a sequence temporal qualities while image helps to adjust the viewer to the space of the film. I also like the segment on playing video in reverse. Without sound it is possible to show anything in reverse, even if it defies the laws of gravity. However, once sound is in place this can no longer be done because the sounds make the video have a timecode. This book chapter opened my eyes to many interesting ideas to play with in the near future.

The second article also provided some useful information on creating a soundtrack for a film. It gave me insight in how to create the proper sound scape. The article urges readers to just close their eyes and listen for sounds. By doing this in an area needed for a film set, one can surely discover what sounds they need and how frequently they need to be played. This article would have been helpful to me a few semesters ago. I had to work on a soundscape project for a sound design class. I found it hard to get some of the spaces down. If I had just listened it would have been much easier.